Physical & Mental Well-being:
Woodland Mindfullness Sessions


We are very excited to be able to offer a more 'mediative' perspective to being in a woodland.

More research is being conducted on the wider benefits that being within a woodland setting offers.

We will be running 2 hourly sessions at the private woodland in Owermoigne, Dorset where you will be greeted by a friendly smile and a herbal tea (coffee/tea on request)

The sessions will start from 11.00 until 13.00, they will be a regular fortnightly workshop from then onwards.

When we begin we shall be utilizing different forms of guided meditation, the main one being Qi Gong.

Using the power of our breath to retain a focus upon being present in the moment, while allowing our senses to fully connect with nature.

The purpose is to give you, YOU time and to look after every aspect of your health and wellbeing holistically.

Please contact me for date availability.

Please be aware unless pre-arranged all groups will comprise of different genders, age ranges and abilities of people.

Please book on our What's On page via Eventbrite Ticketing services and for further information.