Whats On?

Welcome to the 'Whats On' page, we are constantly updating and adding lots of events, courses and workshops, so please keep checking in!!

We are now introducing Bitesized Bushcraft Workshops.

They have been set up so that people can come along on a specific Saturday between 11.00 to 2.00 to access bushcraft activities at a more affordable cost, come along to activities which may be of more interest to you and be less of a time constraint.

Woodland Wild Camp - Public/Social Event.

Multiple Dates


Booking and payments are made through contacting:


Pre-pay only:

Cost : £20 per person

No cash payment accepted


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

Hit the icon to be connected to our telephone, to book.

When accessing site via mobiles

All times are from 12.00 p.m Friday until 12.00 p.m Sunday
6th -8th August
24th - 26th September

A social wild camp, set in a private woodland in the heart of Dorset.

Public Wild Camp - Social. 

Come along and make your little camps within the woodland, if you choose you can join us at the main communial camp fire area in the evening to sit and join in the friendly banter.

There is no bushcraft instruction, but this is your opportunity to relax, wander and enjoy nature at her best. Gaining the best of both worlds with your own private area and also the social aspect around the communial fire, but with the safety and support of others attending camp.


Children are the sole responsibility of the person who they arrive with and we ask that while within the camping area that the children dont make too much noise so as not to disturb fellow campers.

We are very sorry but unless DOGS are previously known to us, we cannot permit their attendance at camp.

Please bring a store of wood for burning as we do not want to depleat the woodlands natural resources. All fires must be off the ground.

Please note: anybody seen to be removing /cutting live trees will be asked to leave the site or not be permitted to return to a future event.

Please bring all your overnight camping gear, your water for the weekend, food, clothing etc.

You are also welcome to bring your personal archery equipment as we have a target range set up.

Upon contacting via the email provided, you will be sent an attached SUGGESTED kit and equipment list, plus medical forms which need to be completed and returned before the event and detailled maps showing parking areas and the route into camp.



If your vehicle is capable of accessing a rough grassed track, you would be welcome to drive it to the entrance of the woodland where you can park your vehicle, beyond this point there is no further vehicular access (apart from Wessex Wilderness Skills 4x4 vehicles).

You can also find parking upon the main road of the village where there is a long public layby. Vehicles left here are done so at owners own risk.



Ower wood is roughly a 10 minute walk from the parking area. NO CARS are permitted within the woodland, except for Wessex Wilderness Skills 4x4 vehicles.

Kit transport:

Once you have parked at the entrance to the woodland, barrows will be provided for you to walk your kit and equipment into the camping area itself.

Attandance at own risk:

Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC or the Landowner DOES NOT accept ANY responsibility or liability for your attendance to this event. Any damage, theft or harm is the sole responsibility of those attending.


We do ask campers while on site, not to visit other campers private areas. Many people come here to relax and attain a bit of privacy, please do congregate around the main camp fire area to socialise.

Toilet facilities:

We do have an eco-friendly long drop toilet on site.

Summer Holiday - Bushcraft Day for Teenage Adventurers.

August 12th

From 10.00 a.m until 3.00 p.m


Shelter building.jpg


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

To book your place and pay for tickets via Eventbrite please follow the link:


Pre - Pay only

Cost: £35 per person

Cash payments are not accepted

This bushcraft day is just for our teenage adventurers!!

(Some adults allowed under supervision!)

The day will start at 10.00 in the morning and end somewhere around 3.00 in the afternoon.

The age group of attendees will be 12 to 14/15 years old, and the maximum size of the group will be 10 youths.

Activities will range from shelter building, fire lighting, challenges, camp fire bread making for your lunch and paracord bracelt making at the end of the day so you have a momento of the day with us.
There will be a lot of hanging about in hammocks too!!

It's a great day for all, good fun too.

We do have a special staff member called Robin, he's a lovely dog who brings out the best in children who are slightly reserved. Even those children who are anxious around dogs by the end of the day feel safe with him and are just in love with him. He is a working dog within the elderly care field.

(parents are welcome to join us too for the day, but expect to get roped into all the activities!!, parents come for free).

A list will also be supplied for clothes and personal kit to be bringing along.
Medical forms and N.O.K documents will also be sent out to you to fill in and return.

We would very much look forward to welcoming you all to the woodland for a full day of fun!

For further information please contact:


You will also recieve an email once you have book via Eventbrite from us, so check your spam and junk folders!!

Hit the icon, to be connected to our telephone, to book.

When acessing site via mobiles

Bite Sized Bushcraft Workshop - Knife / Axe maintainence - Mallet Making

Saturday August 28th
From 11.00 am until 2.00 pm
tools for attention.jpg


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

Cost per person: £25

Minimum age 12 years old, must be accompanied by an adult

To book your place and pay for tickets please follow the link below via Eventbrite:


Hit the icon, to be connected to our telephone, to book.

When acessing site via mobiles

Tickets via Eventbrite follow link below.
Cost £25 per person.

Set outdoors and under cover within a private woodland setting, we invite you to join us to a gathering where you can bring your gardening / bushcraft tools and learning how to give them all a good sharpen.

You would be welcome to bring cutting tools such as pocket knives, belt knives, axes, garden shears and any tool with a dull edge that needs brining back to working quality again.

The knowlege you will take with you from this workshop will ensure that your cutting tools will be correctly maintained for years to come, making the life of the impliment safer and more effective to use.

Whatever tools you choose to bring along it would be preferable to keep them within a locked secure tool box while travelling on public highways and upon entrance to the woodland. We would also ask you to store (while travelling) your tool box in the rear / boot of your vehicle. Please also keep some evidence that you will be attending this workshop by prior arrangement hosted by Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC and that you will be travelling directly to and from the event without stopping off at any other public location on route from home to our venue.

The minimal age for this workshop is 13 years old.

Once we have sharpened our revived tools we will then make a wooden mallet which you can take home with you. These are extremely handy!

Hot and cold beverages will be supplied, but please feel free to bring a packed lunch and snacks while you are with us.

Please note this is outdoors so please dress appropriatly for woodland / grassland areas, as we cannot forecast good weather, the addition of water proof clothing would be a good idea, as would decent footwear. 

As we will be handling cutting tools of all types - enclosed boots MUST be worn in case any tools is dropped. People will not be permitted to proceed with innapropriate footwear.

Additional Special Notes:
You will recieve email correspondance from us with the submitted email address you gave upon booking this workshop a few days before the event is due to take place. Please check your spam / junk folders.
The email address we will send infomation from is: wessexwildernessskills@outlook.com

You would also be very welcome to ring us on this number: 07455434494

Event Cancellation:
The event will be cancelled due to:
1. Government Restrictions
2. Weather - Rain is fine - Winds reaching and exceeding 35 mph will force cancellation of event.
3. Staff illness
Should any of these reasons occur you will recieve a full refund after the date of the event in accordance with Eventbrite policy. 
We look forward to welcoming you to the woodland!

We will be adding many more events and camps to this list so keep visiting this website to keep updated!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!