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Wild Foraging Walk - With Mary Lambert

23rd May - From 10.00 a.m until 2.00 p.m


Booking for this event will be via Eventbrite

please follow link below:


Cost of this event £25 per person


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

Wander through lanes, fields and woodlands learning wild edible identification with Mary Lambert.

Mary will be your guide to identify some of the Springtime wild edible plants and the poisonus one too!!

About this Event: 

Come and wander through lanes, fields and woodland finding newly sprung wild edibles with your guide Mary and her trusty best friend Robin (the dog).

We will discover together all types of wild edible plants that the beautiful green areas of Dorset has to offer.

Not only will Mary be identifying natures' Spring time wild edible bounty, be she will also show you the plants to avoid.

After we have had a foraging session we will go back to Ower Grove base camp and have some lunch (soup and rolls).

We are hoping to offer you some Wild Garlic, Stinging Nettle and Potato soup accompanied by some freshly cooked Bannock Bread washed down with a very cleansing Pine Needle tea all cooked over the camp fire. (we will be offering hot and cold beverages too)

Mary's knowledge has just exploded in the world of wild edibles foraging and she is very keen to pass on her love of discovering Natures' Larder to us all.

So please do not hesitate to book your place with us, where we cannot wait to welcome you all.

This event would not be suitable for those unable to physically walk over unstable terrain or walk short distances only.

The minimum age of participants is 14 years old.

Sorry no dogs allowed or Robin won't be happy!

PLease Note: Some people do potentially have adverse reactions to wild foods. Different people can tolerate wild edibles while some may not, even if you have not experienced allergic reations previously. Therefore many wild edibles we encounter will not be for sampling, they will mostly be for wild forage identification only. Any identified plants eaten through the participants own choice will be their personal responsibility entirely in the case of any allergic reaction

Woodland Wild Camp - Public/Social Event.

Multiple Dates

28th - 30th May - From 12.00 p.m Friday until 2.00 p.m Sunday 

25th-27th June - From 12.00 p.m Friday

until 2.00 p.m Sunday


Booking and payments are made through contacting:


Pre-pay only:

Cost £20 per person


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

A social wild camp, set in a private woodland in the heart of Dorset.

Public Wild Camp - Social. 

Come along and make your little camps within the woodland, if you choose you can join us at the main communial camp fire area in the evening to sit and join in the friendly banter.


Children are the sole responsibility of the person who they arrive with and we ask that while within the camping area that the children dont make too much noise so as not to disturb fellow campers. Dogs are welcome so long as they are friendly to both people and other hounds and they too are not overtly barky.

Please bring a store of wood for burning as we do not want to depleat the woodlands natural resources. All fires must be off the ground.

Please note: anybody seen to be removing /cutting live trees will be asked to leave the site or not be permitted to return to a future event.

Please bring all your overnight camping gear, your water for the weekend, food, clothing etc.

You are also welcome to bring your personal archery equipment as we have a target range set up.

Right thats the 'shouty' bit over........



Subject to landowners permission we hope to have the use of a grass field to the right of Moignes Court drive way.



Ower wood is roughly a 10 minute walk from the parking area. NO CARS are permitted within the woodland, except for Wessex Wilderness Skills 4x4 vehicles.

Kit transport:

Providing your vehicle has 4x4 capability you are welcome to drive up the track to bring your equipment and supplies into the main area, once you have unloaded your vehicle must be relocated in the designated parking area highlighted above. 

Attandance at own risk:

Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC does not accept any responsibility or liability for your attendance to this event. Any damage, theft or harm is the sole responsibility of those attending.


We do ask campers while on site, not to visit other campers private areas. Many people come here to relax and attain a bit of privacy, please do congregate around the main camp fire area to socialise.

Toilet facilities:

We do have an eco-friendly long drop toilet on site.

Working in conjunction with Bushwhacker Tours UK

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Booking and payments are made through contacting:


Cost: £130 per person


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

Intensive Bushcraft/Survival Skills Weekend

June 4th until 6th - Friday 18.00 hrs until Sunday 13.00 hrs

Come and learn all the basics of bushcraft and survival skills over a weekend set within a private woodland

If you have ever wanted to learn new skills this is the perfect chance to do so!

You will learn the basic elements of Shelter building, Fire Making methods, Water collection methods and purification and Food gathering.

Included within this will be the UK legislation regarding Knife Laws and Wild Foraging Regulations

and First Aid.

It will be a fun packed, informative and busy weekend.

Please bring camping equipment of either hammock/tarp or small tents. (We do have some available hammock/tarps and tents to rent out for the duration of your stay, please contact for more information)

A full kit list of essentials will be provided upon booking with us through the email address provided.

A simple meal will be provided on both the Friday and Saturday evenings after our day of learning ends. All other meals and snacks must be brough by the attendee.

Booking is essential.

Minimum age of attendants: 12 years old (must be with a parent or guardian).

No dogs.

We do have toilet facilities which is an eco friendly composting toilet.

Summer Holiday - Bushcraft Day for Teenage Adventurers.

Mulitple Dates

August 4th - From 10.00 a.m until 3.00 p.m (ish).

August 12th - From 10.00 a.m until 3.00 p.m


Shelter building.jpg

Booking and payments are made through contacting:


Cost: £35 per child

Age suited to 12-15 years


Ower Grove, Moreton Road, Owermoigne, Dorset, DT2 8HY

This bushcraft day is just for our teenage adventurers!!

(Some adults allowed under supervision!)

The day will start at 10.00 in the morning and end somewhere around 3.00 in the afternoon.

The age group of attendees will be 12 to 14/15 years old, and the maximum size of the group will be 10 youths.

Activities will range from shelter building, fire lighting, challenges, camp fire bread making for your lunch and paracord bracelt making at the end of the day so you have a momento of the day with us.
There will be a lot of hanging about in hammocks too!!

It's a great day for all, good fun too.

We do have a special staff member called Robin, he's a lovely dog who brings out the best in children who are slightly reserved. Even those children who are anxious around dogs by the end of the day feel safe with him and are just in love with him. He is a working dog within the elderly care field.

(parents are welcome to join us too for the day, but expect to get roped into all the activities!!, parents come for free).

A list will also be supplied for clothes and personal kit to be bringing along.
Medical forms and N.O.K documents will also be sent out to you to fill in and return.

We would very much look forward to welcoming you all to the woodland for a full day of fun!

We will be adding many more events and camps to this list so keep visiting this website to keep updated!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!