"Thanks for the Bushcraft day on Saturday. I was able to use the Bowyers not, Prusik hitch, Truckers hitch and Tautline hitch that evening while wild camping in a neighbouring woodland. The Fatwood you gave us also came in handy to start the fire. It was a most enjoyable and relaxing day with a great bit of wild camping to finish it off. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in Aug."

N.M July 2020

"I’ve just returned from the most wonderful wilderness day with WWS.

Chey Met the 5 of us with big smiles and lead us into the woods, stopping to show us some of the edible plants we could forage on the way.

We spent the day learning to tie up a tarpaulin, then rig a hammock before making our own bread and having a lovely lunch.

We then enjoyed some wood carving, each making a tent peg before learning to make cord from stinging nettles and finished the day with many smiles and goodbyes.

Chey was incredibly knowledgable, the day flew by.

The food was beautiful and we were well stocked with cups of tea/coffee and biscuits throughout.

We learned to make fire and boil water, we just had the most lovely day.

I felt very safe with Chey and Nicky and would recommend this company as a safe space for women and girls to enjoy bush craft in a female and positive environment.

10/10 can’t wait to go back!"

F.R July 2020

"Chey is a generous and natural teacher. I struggled to tie a simple knot, she patiently showed me time and time again. I felt amazing when i finally completed my paracord cuff! I was on a 1-2-1 keyworker rest day. It did exactly that. I have felt more positive, and have been out in the green a few times since. It was fun, i learned loads too . She helped me remember skillls i had fogotten which was a boost to my confidence too. An exellent day that felt like being given a gift"

All we can say as a team is a huge thank you, you were lovely company and we enjoyed the day too!"

C.H June 2020

"What a wonderful day! Total escapism to the most magnificent woods. Chey and Nikki looked after us so well and taught us so much and made it all so much fun. I learnt what to forage and what not to forage, knots, knife skills and how to safely make a fire. My confidence grew with each new skill learned and practiced. I would recommend Wessex Wilderness Skills to anyone, you will be thoroughly looked after, learn so much and have a great day!"

L.B June 2020

"I participated in a Key Worker Reset Day with Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC last Saturday. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my day with everyone.

It started off with a short and pleasant walk to their site. Chey met myself and another at the agreed carpark location. All the way to the site Chey was full of fascinating information on wild foraging, plants and trees. We reached the site to be met by Nicky and a giant welcoming smile. The site is well set up, organised and looks fabulous. An introduction followed by a brew (and lush biscuits) whilst we took in the wonderful surroundings and a health and safety brief.

What followed was a well paced relaxing enjoyable day. Refreshing myself on knots, some hammock time (wonderful), a fire lighting competition, whittling and small tool use which was very therapeutic and surprisingly easy! Now I simply cannot write this review without mentioning the highlight of the day. Wild bread making using the simplest of ingredients supplied by Chey and Nicky. Cooked over an open fire the bread accompanied a hot soup...as we sat and chatted about lockdown and its effects.

All day, we were looked after....a never ending supply of biscuits was ever present. We laughed, we learnt new skills and more importantly had a fabulous time with Chey, Nicky and Wessex Wilderness Skills, whilst we left the crazy world behind for a while...and bathed in the fresh air of a forest.

Book. You will not be disappointed"

L.D June 2020

"Absolutely incredible instructor!!
Been having issues with PTSD and going through the stresses of life.
During my 121 Chey made me feel so relaxed and at peace.
I thought I knew a few bits and bobs but WOW the knowledge Chey shared was incredible and I believe just the tip of the iceberg.
Highly recommend if you want to get away from it all, I will definately be a regular that's for sure!"

S.C August 2019

"We had a bespoke package tailored by Chey to our son's interests and from start to finish the activities on offer have been fantastic, the breadth and depth of knowledge offered is inspirational and the attention to detail is reassuring.
Our boy has had the best time learning new skills, getting to know more about our wild world and appreciating what it has to offer.
In his own words "it's wonderful!"
Thank you Chey. You've provided a phenomenal experience that he will remember."

G.W July 2019

"I had an amazing time learning bushcrafting for the first time! I literally felt at peace and tranquillity with nature. With demonstrations and hands on experience you are not only taught on how to survive but to thrive in the woodlands. Friendly services and affordable prices! will be definitely applying again real soon"

R.R May 2019

"Chey is incredibly knowledgeable and a natural teacher. 
I learnt so many different skills!
* knots to use to make sure everything was sturdy and a fantastic trick to keep tent pegs pegged into the ground!
*what wood was best for lighting fires and how to take wood from trees without causing damage to them. DID YOU KNOW TREES COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER???? I'll leave it up to the expert to explain how / why..... But it gave me a new found respect for nature and a yearning to learn more!
*We then whittled (yes I actually made) a pot hanger. Then we made damper bread to have with our soup. Absolutely delicious!!! And of course camping tea! I then learnt how to purify water.

I felt totally relaxed, at peace and strangely energised! I will most definitely be doing it again. Even on the drive home I learnt about foraging. I learnt fantastic skills that I can't wait to pass onto my kids! I cannot recommend Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC enough!"

C.H May 2019

"Today has been such an amazing day spent in the woods with Chey who is so knowledgable about trees plants and survival skills. I learnt so much and felt so relaxed it definitely was a green prescription. I will be talking about today for a very long time"

C.K May 2019

"Had a fab day out in the woods today learning bushcraft skills with our instructor, Chey. We built a shelter before the rain started and I learnt how to do different knots. Then using my new knife skills I whittled a pot hanger for over the fire pit. The best bit of the day for me was my successful go on the bow drill where I actually got a good sized ember for the tinder nest and we had fire. For lunch we had nettle, wild garlic and sweet potato soup and made Bannock bread rolls. It was so peaceful and relaxing in the woods and there were still lots of bluebells to see. Thank you for an enjoyable day with lots of new skills learnt"

J.K May 2019