The history of bushcraft and how it can help you

So where does all of this come from? It comes from YOU. This is YOUR ancestral knowlege and heritage. It wasnt so long ago that our grandparents once foraged wild edibles or knew how to start fires using fire by friction because they couldn't afford matches.

During the World Wars the Home Office issued booklets on wild food identification to encourage families to feed themselves from natures bounty, due to food rationing and shortages.

Humanity has been practising bushcraft since the dawn of time, and it really hasn't changed that much.

We as a society have just forgotten those skills passed down from generation to generation that enabled us to be here today.

The terminology known as 'Bushcraft' was coined from the Australian aboriginals who practised 'Wilderness Skills' every day, because they had to in order to survive. Later the term was seen to be used in a scouting handbook compiled by the founder Robert Baden-Powell, however, more recently with the television success of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls they have brought the term out into the public domain and have showcased survival techniques that most bushcraft practitioners utilize.

The benificial value of accessing the wilds is proving to be something of a 'bucket list' item. The novelty of turning our backs on the technological world we live even just for a day is being recognised by people from all walks of life, society and professions alike. And why not? Many of us enjoy a walk in the countryside, but all too often feel they are only allowed to pass through on a landowners property and fear trespass. Now there is a shift, a movement where people realise there is something missing. Whats missing is the peace, the tranquility and connection to our surroundings, nature and the Earth itself.

Bushcraft brings us back in touch with who were really are, here we are allowed to breathe again and once we have learnt many of the forgotten skills, we find we become stronger because we have the ability to rely upon ourselves and the knowlege we have regained.

The ability to empower one's self is a mighty thing.

This is why Bushcraft is having a sudden surge of interest, so isnt it about time you come and explore your own capabilities?

Let us help you to find you again.

Survive, Thrive and Feel Alive.