Bushcraft Base Camp at Owermoigne:

At Wessex Wilderness Skills we have been lucky enough to secure a private 30 acre woodland.

The woodland consists of hazel coups, rides and glades, ancient banks and ditches, beautiful oak standards, a larch plantation and many native broadleaf trees.

Our base camp site is a lovely walk from the village road over a track which sits at the end of an arable field and into the woodland it'self. From here it is a nice walk through the woodland to our camp. While your walking you may be lucky enough to spot some of the Roe Deer that live within the woodland if you walk silently enough or hear the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker finding its next meal.......

Our teaching area has been chosen because it was a natural grove. The Beech trees and Silver Birch forming an open circle which provides leaf cover and shade.

We have set up a semi-circle of dead wood fencing, this was done for three reasons:

One to provide a litle bit of a wind break for us, the other reason was to create a habitat for insects and small mammals within the debris wall, and the last reason was because the wall makes us feel a little more homely.

When the group tarp or parachute is over the top of us providing shelter and the fire within the pit is warming us all up or making us a brew and food, the camp gives you a great feeling of being 'at home'. It is such a fantastic space.......

base camp_edited.jpg

We do have space here for a few tents while most people who come here opt to hammock and tarp camp or ground camp in a bivvy and tarp.

Keep an eye on the events section or follow us on Facebook to see event availability and content.

Due to the location of the woods, we only allow 2 vehicles near the site, these belong to the instructors and are 4x4 vehicles.

Client parking will either be on the road lay-by or by arrangement, so please do ask.

We provide barrows so you can walk your equipment into the camp area.

Should your vehicle have the ability, the woodland can be accessed via a grassed rough track way and cars can park at the entrance to the woodland.

ower os.PNG
Long drop toilet.jpg

We have now built a composting toilet, (it's nothing like any festival toilet) we keep regular checks on its cleanliness throughout the day/weekend to maintain the high standards of 'clean' and we will give everyone a "how to" and "how not to" use this facility.

Upon contact email we will attach a map of the location, medical forms and a suggested 'kit' list for those who may not have camped before.

Unfortunately we do not have a supply of water at the woodland, so you will need to bring your own personal supply.

Please Note:

When you recieve an email from us, you will be advised where to park.

Sometimes access into the woodland is not permitted due to waterlogged areas. Alternative parking will be highlighted.