A Day In The Woods: Group Events - 10.00am to 3.00pm

The day will be spent in a private woodland, with fellow guests where you will be shown various techniques of bushcraft and have the opportunity to have a go for yourself.

A Day in the Woods cater for families or groups with a minimum of three people and a maximum of 12.

These days are ideal for those who would like access to the woods but do not wish to stay overnight.

Although these are activities shown, the instructor will structure the days events where possible including certain activites that are chosen by the group specifically. 

Food will be provided.

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An event created to teach basic bushcraft skills and provide an opportunity for you to thrive, survive and feel alive. The day will include a different selection of skills and activities that you can pre-choose, such as:

  • Natural shelter building methods

  • Fire lighting methods

  • Whittling sessions

  • Tree identification and their uses

  • Water collection and purification

  • Knife /axe useage and safety

  • Camp fire cooking

  • Foraging plant indentification

  • Knotwork and paracord bracelet making

  • Natural cordage

  • Spoon carving

  • Green wood working

  • Long-bow making (on special request)

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Fire from friction methods