Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC

'Nature's Remedy'

Providing unforgettable bushcraft experiences and

 'Social Prescribing'. 

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Do you ever wander through a woodland and just want to sit and breathe for a while?

Wish for that feeling that you're welcome to stay in one place without the fear of trespass?

Do you wish to 'connect' with your surroundings more?

Learn how to 'thrive' and not just 'survive' with the resources nature provides?


Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC would like to share our knowledge and resources with you .

You may ask what 'Social Prescribing' is.

"Social Prescribing or the Green Prescription is becoming widely recognised by the medical profession in signposting any individual to experience and access the benefits of what nature provides. Choosing woodland  therapy in conjunction with medication or counselling to assist in the reduction of stress related illnesses and physical/mental health issues"


Wessex Wilderness Skills CIC also offer affordable sessions in a private woodland under the guidance of accredited instructors in Bushcraft and Survival Techniques.

Families,groups, individuals, corporate team building days

and stag/hen parties can join us to make unforgettable memories. Come and learn how to make fire by friction, debris shelters, purify 'wild' water, cook on a camp fire and get to know your surroundings with tree and plant identification, and so much more!

If you'd like to stay overnight you can even sleep in a hammock and watch bushcraft T.V (that's the flames of a camp fire)